Oftentimes, our working day can be so hectic that we don’t get a chance to sit back and reflect on our positive achievements as an organisation, or how we as individuals contribute to the ‘bigger picture’ here on campus.

Insight Day 2017 is an opportunity for all SU staff from across the organisation to come together and find out more about how the SU works, its place in student life and our impact on the wider culture here at Warwick. This informal event, to be held at the new state-of-the-art Occulus building, will last approximately half a day. , with staff All staff are invited to attend either a morning or afternoon session, with lunch provided.

This year’s workshop themes are Staff Wellbeing and Our Impact, with a choice of 4 options for each of the two interactive breakout sessions.. There’ll also be an opportunity for staff to show off their creative talents in The Great SU Make-Off, in which we invite you to contribute your own home-baked or home-made creations treats.

Staff will have a choice of 8 different options for the breakout sessions. These will be as follows:

Sesion 1: Wellbeing

A major focus of the SU is students' wellbeing - but it's hugely important that we also take the time to look after our own as well. The first session will explore ways in which staff can help make the SU a safer and happier place to work. Staff are asked to pick one of the four following breakout sessions:

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Developing personal resilience

How does UK workplace culture help or hinder personal resilience? Come along for tips on becoming more resilient from day-to-day, as well as a more general discussion about workplace culture.

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5 Steps to improved mental wellbeing

SU Advice Centre Manager Amanda Woodfield outlines simple steps that staff can take to improve their welfare. Attendees will leave with a personal manifesto of what they are going to do differently to improve their day-to-day wellbeing!

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How disability-friendly are we?

This experiential session will give staff an insight into what the SU looks or feels like from the perspective of someone with a disability, as well as outlining how staff can take responsibility for enacting change.

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Campus Walk

Ever marvelled at the wealth of sights here on campus, or wanted to take time out to see more? If so, join Warwick’s font-of-all-wisdom (and former SU Finance Director!) Tracey Grant for an informal campus tour.


How far does the SU contribute to life on campus and beyond? The second session will explore how we help shape the conversation here at Warwick, as well as giving staff an insight into the wider implications of our work. Staff are asked to pick one of the four following breakout sessions:


Shaping our brand

What is the SU’s ‘brand’, and how do we want to be seen on campus? This interactive session will enable you to get creative with old copies of The Boar and develop a wordcloud of adjectives which describe the SU to help shape students’ perceptions of our work.

National Policy and what’s happening in Higher Education

Don’t know your TEF from Teflon? What is the NSS Boycott all about? Come along to this session for an insight into the Higher Education & Research Bill, including information on what’s happening with student loans and how students pay for their education in the current context.

An introduction to ‘Week Zero’

Warwick recently announced plans for a stand-alone Welcome Week for all students prior to the start of Term 1 (launching in 2018-19). This session will outline the programme’s main objectives and give staff an opportunity to feed into what a draft schedule might look like.


Supporting students against Hate Crimes and Sexual Violence

This session aims to give staff an insight into what we are doing to support our students in these increasingly difficult areas, and what frontline staff need to know to give our members adequate support. Areas covered will include hate crime reporting, sexual violence pathways and the Intervention Initiative.


Don't forget to download the agenda to find out more information, including the full schedule for the day.

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