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My name is Timothy Blake. I am a Front-end Developer and Digital Designer from Birmingham, England. With 10 years of experience in web development and design, I specialize in creating intuitive and adaptive websites using HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, Git, and Wordpress. Additionally, I use Photoshop and Adobe XD for the design process.

I am deeply passionate about digital design and web development, and my enthusiasm for both topics is unwavering. In 2008, I founded and became the owner of Creative Nerds, one of the UK's oldest and most popular design blogs. The website currently boasts thousands of social media followers and receives millions of pageviews every year.

I run Rocket Magnet, a digital design agency that specializes in producing premium design assets ranging from Photoshop brushes to seamless vector patterns. In my spare time, I enjoy taking photographs, selling stock photography, updating my YouTube channel with short and insightful design quick tips, and maintaining my personal blog.

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What can I do ?My skills

Front-end development

This involves using modern front-end tools, ranging from CSS pre-processors to various JavaScript libraries, to create intuitive and adaptive websites.

UI & UX Design

Designing responsive and robust websites, as well as any other user interface, from websites to apps.

Digital Design

From using Photoshop to manipulate the look and feel of a photograph to producing breathtaking digital designs.

Email campaigns

Creating custom bespoke wordpress themes pushing the boundaries far from just using wordpress as a conventual blogging CMS.


Capturing everything and anything through the lens of my Canon camera, from landscape shots to portraits.

Print design

I have extensive experience in various types of print design projects, ranging from designing business cards to magazines.


Years web & digital experience


Social media followers


web and design blog posts created


Sold over 690+ design resources


Here is a small selection of my work and personal favorites, ranging from digital photo manipulations to web projects that I have both designed and coded.

  • Digital design

  • Logo Design

  • Photography

  • Digital Assets

  • Print Design

  • Websites

About me Blog

This is my personal blog where I write about web projects and other interests, ranging from photographs taken during my latest holiday to new websites I have built. I update my blog at the beginning of every month with a new post.

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You're more than welcome to drop me a line if you have a question, or if you would like to find out more about what I do, please feel free to leave me a message below.

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