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hey my name is Tim I'm web/designer based in not so sunny Birmingham, England.I've been on this planet for 20 years, and what I've learnt in this space of time is hard work, sweat and determination is the key to success. I've been self employed from the age of 16 relying on the Income I generate from freelance design projects and being the editor for three online design blogs, alongside pursing a full time degree.

I'm knowledgeable within HTML and CSS and confident withing producing high quality designs with the use of PhotoShop and illustrator or even Gimp and inkscape. I'm aware of the fundamental basics of SEO and the proof is in the pudding each website I own is on top of Google for their search term name. I've also been dabbling recently within icon design and familiarising myself with mobile interface design and confident within designing for mobile devices.

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where my works been featured